Tom Lai


Hello World!

I’m Tom.

I am a full stack developer with a focus on user experience.

I am also a machine learning engineer who believe it is vital to improve how computer serve its users.

I am very keen on designing and building enjoyable online experience.


I’m Tom Lai, a full stack and machine learning engineer based in Hong Kong. I have been building things on the web since 2005.

Throughout my journey I have helped start-ups, agencies and well known organizations to craft beautiful digital experience for their users. Have a look at my works.

If I am not working, I would try to teach machine how to learn. Yup it sounds creepy, may be I should use the word “AI” as a lot of people put it.

I am on a mission to build beautiful web applications.

Let’s do it together.

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From a simple branding website to a complex web application using cutting edge technologies, I will have you covered.

My technology stacks:

  • Web Frontend Development: HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, React.js
  • Web Backend Development: Node.js, Python
  • Database: MySQL, MongoDB, DynamoDB, ElasticSearch
  • Machine Learning: Python, tensorflow, Keras, Deep Learning, Scikit-learn

Web Development

Working on something innovative? That’s great!

With my knowledge and experience being a lead developer for startups, I would be able to plan and execution a suitable technical solution for your startup journey. Even if the programming language that you prefer is not my expertise, I will still be able to guide you some technical nuance.

Data Mining / Machine Learning

For people who have worked on artificial intelligence (AI) product before, they will tell you that the process is not simple. From data gathering to model training and deployment, there will be a lot of unforeseen hurdles. Having someone who has been through the process will help you get to your goal a lot of efficiently.

I was fortunate enough to be part of building multiple AI oriented products from the ground up. Especially products related to natural language processing and computer vision is where I have a lot of practical knowledge and experience.

How can I help?

Need a hand to build website. Someone to answer your technical questions. Feel free to drop me a line.